Dairy Cow Mastitis

Helping Reduce Mastitis In Dairy Cows

Reducing clinical mastitis in the herd is one of the biggest challenges a dairy farmer faces. High levels of mastitis not only impact on production, but they also jeopardise your revenue in terms of milk quality and the cost of treatment.

ADF’s Automatic Dipping and Flushing system have been shown to significantly reduce and control mastitis. 

The timing of teat dip application is key. Immediately post-milking the teat is extended and most receptive to the disinfectants and emollients within the teat dip; as skin pores are accessible this enables a good bacterial kill and is also the optimum time to apply skin conditioning agents.

As a result of the post milking open teat canal is protected from infection in an instant, dramatically reducing the risk of negative pressure drawing infection into the teat canal. 

Cross contamination between cows is controlled as the milking unit is automatically sanitised between each milking. Every teat, on every cow, at every milking benefit from clean liners. 

Farms already using ADF have seen SCCs fall following the installation of ADF and the improvement in herd health continues as healthy cows move up through the herd.

By installing the ADF system not only will you save the money spent on treating your cows, but you’ll also achieve increased throughput as there are fewer cows to treat, and you’ll generate more revenue as more of the milk produced can be sold.

So, by installing the ADF system not only will you save the money spent on treating your cows, you’ll produce cleaner, high-quality milk from healthier cows. And, although we can’t guarantee it, many ADF farmers tell us that now they have their mastitis cases under control they’re achieving additional lactations and greater herd longevity.