Dairy Cow Mastitis

The Flexible Solution

The ADF system can be installed on any make or type of milking parlour, either new or existing. We have experience of fitting the ADF system across all parlour types, configurations and layouts including Herringbone, Swing-over, Rapid Exit, Rotary External/Internal and Abreast.

Prior to installation, the installer (usually your dealer) will carry out a thorough pre-installation survey with you to ensure that they know as much as possible about your system to enable them to swiftly and efficiently install the ADF system into your parlour.

The innovative design of the ADF system means that installation can be carried out between milkings with a minimal amount of disruption. Immediately that the installation is complete it can be put into operation and you will begin to experience the benefits.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our technical team to discuss how the ADF system might be implemented into your dairy parlour.