Dairy Cow Mastitis

Mastitis in Dairy Cows

In the past, when milk was bought largely for volume, the main aim was to treat infection and restore milk production; the failure to eliminate infection was not of major priority. Now milk price depends much more on quality and so efforts must be orientated to bacterial elimination rather than clinical resolution.

Mastitis is a widespread condition in which all or part of the udder suffers from an infection caused by bacteria entering through the teat canal. Opportunistic Bacteria and Mastitis Pathogens on skin of the teat have an ideal opportunity to migrate into the vulnerable teat canal at the end of milking.

Mastitis is probably the most costly diseases to affect dairy cows and farm profits. Its adversely affects animal production, animal welfare, the quality of the milk produced and staff morale.

On average 25% of cows in the herd suffer clinical mastitis, with an average incidence of 40 cases per 100 cows per year. Treatment may be unsuccessful resulting in a recurrence rate of 60%.