Dairy Cow Mastitis

Saving You Time & Money

ADF is already helping farmers around the world save valuable time with its award-winning product.

Traditional methods of sterilising and cleaning the teat cups between cows is not only time consuming but also prone to human error. 

By automating the dip and flush process ADF’s simple and robust system will automatically apply ‘dip’ (emollients and sanitiser) to cows’ teats immediately after milking. The cups are then automatically rinsed ready for the next cow. 

This not only leads to healthier cows by removing human error but also gives dramatic time savings leading to reduced labour costs. 

ADF is a must-have for modern dairy farmers looking to increase efficiency and become more profitable. As our testimonials and countless press reports reveal, using ADF’s new parlour hygiene system will lead to real savings – from month one.

Although only one part of the milking process the dipping and flushing of the liners each time after milking is an area that can fast become a costly process. Unlike diesel leaking from a drum where you can see you’re wasting money, dipping and flushing your liners is a hidden cost but one that is equally expensive once evaluated. 

ADF reduces the need for extra labour costs in expanding farms (by further automating the milking routine) enabling farms to be even more cost-effective. 

By removing the need to dip and flush the clusters manually you can get on with the important business of milking. 

And with the automation that ADF provides, comes more effective control of mastitis providing you with even further improvements to your profitability – reducing your mastitis cases mean more milk in the tank, greater yields and reduced vet bills. You’ll also notice an improvement in the quality of your milk with reduced SCCs boosting milk production and ensuring you achieve the most favourable milk quality payments. 

With the double action of keeping your cows healthier and keeping your labour costs under control you’ll start to see the benefits of using ADF were it matters most – in your pocket.